How it Works

How Hourcoin Works

  • One hour of activity is equal to one Hourcoin.
  • So if a volunteer completes 2 hours of volunteering a week, they gain 2 Hourcoin.
  • Hourcoin can be spent on rewards in the online Marketplace.
  • The Marketplace displays a range of good and services available for Hourcoin.
Hourcoin Economy

Start Your Hourcoin Journey Today

If you are an individual, you can sign up today, find an organisation to volunteer with, and begin earning and spending Hourcoins.

If you are an organisation doing great things in the community and creating social impact, you can manage and grow your volunteer network effectively using Hourcoin. Just sign up, register your organisation, and existing volunteers can begin earning Hourcoin, and new volunteers can find your organisation through our platform.

If you are a business and wish to promote social responsibility and your business, you can donate rewards and offers to the marketplace free of charge.

How It Works For Individuals

Earn Hourcoin

Local Businesses regularly have offers and rewards to support volunteers and you can take advantage of these by spending your Hourcoins.

You can:
  • Apply for Volunteer Opportunities
  • Attend Qualifying Events
  • Help your community

Sign Up Now

By completing a short registration form, you can register for free to start earning Hourcoin by getting involved in your community.

How It Works For Organisations

Create Volunteer Opportunities

Create Volunteer Opportunities on the Hourcoin platform and select suitable people from the applicants.

You can:
  • Create Volunteer Opportunities
  • Select from Applicants
  • Help your community

Ready to get started?

If you are an organisation doing great things in the community, you can sign up to distribute Hourcoin to value your active people. You can easily grow your volunteer network using Hourcoin and do more with less increasing your social impact.

How It Works For Businesses

Promote your business and social responsibility

Donate a reward or offer to the Marketplace or begin accepting Hourcoin at your business

You can:
  • Donate a reward or offer to the marketplace
  • List your business on our platform as accepting Hourcoin
  • Promote your business and products via our platform
  • Help your community

Ready to get started?

Whatever type of business you are, you can improve your business by accepting Hourcoin. Register here to become an Hourcoin business and support your community.